Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BUA a sushi restaurant/ my first restaurant review

                                    Thank you for you all reading my first blog. The restaurant I am reviewing today is BUA. This restaurant is located in town Brookhaven. What I think about the restaurant is the food is very good. The restaurant wouldn't be good for picky eaters. First the edamame is very good it also comes warm, with salt on top. Don't be afraid to try it it's good if you see in the photo above the green stuff in the plate is edamame but don't eat the shell. Also the miso soup is very good. It has tofu which is good not the bad kind.It also has scallions and seaweed so if you see in the picture above what I am eating is miso soup. They also have a fantastic California roll but when you get it do something because I made a mistake and didn't do it. When you order it ask them to not put fish eggs but if you like fish eggs then don't ask that. The California roll contains avocado, crab, cucumber, rice and seaweed. Remember if you are a kid that doesn't know what to eat or where read my blogs and if you like sushi go here BUA a sushi restaurant located at town Brookhaven.
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  1. Cristina, I love your blog and since you said this BUA restaurant is good I might go here tomorrow.Thanks so much, great blog!

  2. By the way that was me, Andaiye and i'm going to start a blog too. You really inspired me.

  3. Cristina, great food critic. Keep it up. You''l have to tell me what you think of my cooking when I get to Atlanta.

  4. Cristina, you definitely have a great culinary taste and diverse palate. Keep those reviews coming for all kids and us adults will benefit too.