Friday, May 25, 2012

Farm burger

What I think of Farm burger is that it feels like if you're at a farm that is cozy and feels like home. Everybody treats you so nicely as if you are part of their family. The boiled peanuts are very delicious and juicy, I always order them as a side when I go there. When you are eating the boiled peanuts be sure to eat them on top of the little plate they give you, otherwise when you eat them the juice in the shell might squirt by accident onto your clothes. In this picture the white cup holds the boiled peanuts. I as well like their little kid cheese burger, it is perfect, the meat tastes juicy and the bun is freshly baked making it warm. When ordering the little kid cheeseburger be sure to tell them to put American cheese because they won't know what cheese to use so might give you a different cheese like blue cheese, I made that mistake so I got blue cheese, cheeseburger. But if by accident they give you blue cheese tell them you ordered American cheese and they will make you another burger. To me I didn't really try the blue cheese cheeseburger because I don't like blue cheese but you can certainly try it. In the picture I am eating the little
cheese burger (with american cheese). Another thing if you order  the little cheese burger it comes with a juice box, but if you don't want the juice box that comes with it you can trade it for a Jarritos drink. Jarritos is a Mexican soda, Farm Burger has two flavors lime and orange, they just added a new flavor but I forgot the name, you can ask them what it is. They all taste amazing but if I had to choose only one my preference would be lime. I also love to order the brown cow as they call it when really it is a root beer float, they also have a black cow which is a coke float.  They also have a milkshake called the blueberry milkshake and yum, I absolutely love this and I don't really like blueberry milkshakes, They make their milkshakes with fresh blueberries which finishes it off perfectly. Another milkshake they have is the Salted Caramel milkshake and it is heaven mixed in a cup. This place is a great hangout place for friends and family, when ordering food on a busy day it takes about 10-20 minutes for your food to be done which. The link to the farm burger website is down below or near the beginning of this blog click on the words in a different color that say farm burger to be taken to their website.

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  1. Cristina, it sounds so yummy lets make plans to go. Thank you for sharing your culinary experience.

  2. wow crisi i think i should go there... if they have vegetarian selections.

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